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Who's Chloe

Lin Nah

Andrew Stephan ( wrote:
: Hello, all!  I'm back again after a week and a half or two (finals, some
: unexpected events, etc).
: I've heard mention of Chloe on quite a few occasions.  Apparently she is
: an actress or something similar and has suddenly become very famous.  Who
: is she?  Did she get a part on Shortland Street or something?  :-)

There's this "documentary" on tv. The aim is to visit a town (or suburb) in NZ in each documentary. I think it's by Gary MacCormick.

Anyway many moons ago, gary visited Wainuiomata, a suburb in wellington. One of the people who was interviewed in this doc is chloe. I did not actually see the documentary.

Anyway it seems as if overnight chloe is famous. OTher residents of Wainuiomata are furious over the documentary as it was quite inaccurate.

Chloe is an unwed mother with a daughter. She was at that time living with someone and has since broken up with him. she has since been asked to promote certain things, sought for an opinion by some of the media ( like TV2 news team) etc.

She's blond (I don't think it's natural). Had long hair and a fringe covering her forhead and almost her eyes as well. she wears lots of black eyeliner. she has a small girl's voice.

I don't think she's in Shortland St. But I have this feeling (or won't be surprised) if she'd written in even for a cameo.

I'll let others shed more light. I have not paid much attention to her but it looks like I have picked up some info about her (osmosis etc)

Regards lin

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